Friday, April 20, 2007

still life

Everyone who knows me knows I'm a flower girl. I am obsessed with flowers, all kinds, and have been since I was a kid. I got my "dream job" when I was 18, working as a floral designer. The first time I went to the wholesale flower market in San Francisco, the visual over stimulation rendered me unable to say anything but, "Look at this!" I don't have a favorite flower, but there are many that I am particularly fond of: rananculus for their old-fashioned ruffly-ness, poppies for their dark side and amazing seed pod, sweet peas for their delicate scent, peonies for their straight-up beauty and rarity... well, I could go on and on. And do. One flower I really love are forget-me-nots. In California, they grow wild in and near woods wherever there is a bit of shade. There is a patch of them on my street near a corner where someone must have tossed some seed years ago. I always pick a few. Forget-me-nots always remind me of when I first met Andrew, my husband, and we went hiking in Waddell Creek near Santa Cruz. It was that time of year where there were carpets of the little blue flowers. Last weekend I spent a few hours making a forget-me-not vase, sculpting each little tiny individual flower. If you click on the picture you can get an amazing close-up. That's my idea of fun!