Wednesday, November 16, 2011

cute attack

I've been making some really cute stuff lately.  It all started with this dessert show I'm in with my pottery gals in December.  A dessert themed ceramic show!  Is there any person who does not want to check that out?  So, I thought about it a bit, because there was no way I was going to get lazy on this one.   I wanted to make something fabulous, something over-the-top and unique.  I was initially drawn to the parfait cup:

But, that wasn't totally doing it for me.
I needed something more.
Something even cuter, and more impractical.

I was quickly led to the pudding cup:

How effin' cute is that?  I ask you.
But even that still needed some enhancement.
Like this:

And that:

Some go medieval.  I go Marie Antoinette.
The cuteness got out of control.  
It was like trying to shoot a duck with an AK-47.  
The bullets went everywhere, and the cuteness spread.  I made this:

and then this:

This red cup I'm actually calling the "flared skirt cup." 
And don't ask me for that cup, but with a bird on it.
That, I will not do.

By the way, if you live anywhere near the Bay Area, please, come to the dessert show.  And what I mean by that is please come to the opening party.  The Fourth and Clay Gallery does openings right, with food, booze, music, and... well, dessert too this time!