Monday, May 28, 2007

help wanted

After a mini-meltdown on Sunday-- yes, working on a Sunday-- my mother suggested I put it out on my blog that I need more help in the studio. So here it is:

Basically, my assistant needs an assistant. This will entail a lot of prep type jobs: mixing glaze, cleaning bisqueware, finishing work on small molded items, assembling orders, keeping the studio clean, and whatever other small jobs need to get done. Experience with clay is desirable, but not absolutely necessary. What is necessary is that you are a quick study, detail-oriented, work efficiently and well with your hands, and love ceramics.

I would like someone who can start as an intern for 6 weeks. That is enough time to determine if you will fit in at the studio, at which time I'll hire you. Pay will depend on your experience and abilities.

I offer a fun and high energy work environment where you will learn a lot about pottery production. There is also opportunity to make your own work in the off hours in my studio for people who need access to more studio time. If you are interested in this job, send me an email with your qualifications and a phone number. If you know someone who might be interested in this job, send them this posting!