Thursday, April 10, 2008

remain open

Suddenly, my mood has lifted and I am feeling hopeful again. Don't worry, it's temporary. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the very cool weather we've been having in the Bay Area the past few weeks has suddenly shifted back to spring, where it belongs! And by cool weather I mean in the high 50's and low 60's, which being the spoiled Californian I am proud to be means downright chilly. I had a good Thursday this week, mostly by accepting every thing I had to do, doing it with with focus and enjoyment, and not hoping for more:
--glazing --loading a kiln --packing orders for stores and individuals --uploading images to esty
--answering email
--trimming plates and bowls --popping bird and flower molds--

And then finally, in the last two hours of the day, playing with my porcelain and continuing to experiment with some ideas. And even then I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't making something for the Met, I was making something for myself and just enjoy the process, don't worry about the end result. And then I did.

I was answering questions for a small magazine yesterday and I thought I'd share with you one answer since it is so appropriate to the subject:

Where do you look for design inspiration?

Looking for inspiration never works for me, unfortunately. I have to remain open to inspiration wherever it may come to me, whether that is going to the contemporary art galleries, doing the dishes, or eating dinner with my friends and realizing I need a better salad bowl than the one I’m eating out of!

Notice I didn't say, "I schedule the perfect day for myself and sit at my wheel all day and ideas just flows from me". I decided I will never again set up the "perfect" day for "making new work" again. It's just such a set-up for disappointment, and as someone commented, the Muse does not take to being scheduled, she shows up when she damn well pleases. And that folks, is all I have to say about that!