Tuesday, April 08, 2008

but enough about me

Andrew and I were cruising etsy the other evening looking for something he could wear, when we stumbled on this guy's etsy shop. We were both taken with this graphic image of this obviously disturbed ice cream cone.

I have a pretty dark sense of humor, and I love anthropomorphication . I could understand this ice cream cone immediately. Ice Cream wonders, "Why are these people eating me? I am pink and pretty with a crunchy bottom, and I apparently make people happy! Do they not realize that once they eat me I will be gone, and therefore no longer able to give them pleasure? Why must I be destroyed?"

As Ice Cream begins to melt, a gob of ice cream lands on his hand, and he instinctively licks himself. Hey, he tastes pretty good! And there's more of him up there! He grabs handful of himself and eats some more. He's more than pretty good, he's delicious! He stuffs his face, lost in the pleasure of gorging on ice cream when he is suddenly hit with an existential crisis: Yes, he is delicious, and if he continues to eat this way, he will be gone. But he can hardly stop himself, because he tastes so good! The realization that he will destroy himself is clear in his demented and crazed eyes, glassy and pink, swimming in sugar.

I love this t-shirt so much I immediately emailed the guy to ask if he would make the shirt in white, because I simply cannot wear that shade of blue. I'm still waiting...