Saturday, June 23, 2007

giving up again

I just spent an aggravating morning trying to photograph my work for an online sale I've been promising for weeks. I'm not really prepared to photograph everything; I don't have the right background and the light is bouncing all over the place... I finally stopped and realized that once again, I've filled up my plate with too too much. I just can't pull it off right now and oh well! I'm going to stop ruining an otherwise beautiful day and give it up.

Then I got an email from someone in England who said they saw my work on a site called whip up. I cruised over there to see what was posted about my pots and check out the comments. I am constantly amazed at the kind and generous things people say about my work, without even seeing it in person. This is what I love about blogging; it really connects me with a world I would not otherwise have the time or ability to communicate with. One commenter left something that I thought was wonderful:
I keep this quote from painter Robert Rauschenberg above my desk: “An idea is a trick to actually reach that solitary point of creativity. . . . I don’t really trust ideas–especially good ones. Rather, I put my trust in the materials that confront me, because they put me in touch with the unknown.