Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I'm havin' a party

I'm having a pre-holiday studio party sale thing on November 7. I always want to have a party at my studio around the holidays, but it is really hard to get people to do anything around the holidays. So I'm scheduling it before the holidays, and I'm going to see if that works.

The studio will open at 5, and my vision is that people who want in on the sale part of the party will come early. All my regular priced items will be 15% off between 5-7 PM. I will also have every last second on a special table, along with randoms, orphans, one-offs, and prototypes. It's a space clearing exercise too.

Around 7 PM I will turn up the music, and perhaps dim the lights a bit. I will have food and drinks and that kind of thing. You can still buy stuff, but you will have to find me to give me money. Perhaps I will have some kind of special bell you can ding or a balloon you can pop to alert me.

If you are in the Bay Area, by all means, please show up. Here are all the details you need. If you are shy about parties, come early before there are too many strangers to interact with, slip in and out, or bring a friend.