Monday, March 12, 2007

perfect firing

I pulled these pots out of the kiln today, and I though they were perfect and lovely. The pieces are all orders going to different stores, and I had to take a picture before they are scattered all over the country. This eggshell glaze is one of my favorites, because it fires out consistently and always looks good. The texture is matte with the tiniest bit of sparkle to it, like a thick vanilla icing. This is what I call a "good boyfriend" glaze: looks great, always there, sweet as can be. And yes, I have my "bad boyfriend" glazes too: inconsistent, temperamental, unreliable. The only reason why I keep them around is because they are so damn good-looking, just like those boys I used to date back in high school... and college too!


  1. Oh, goodness... I love your pomegranate pottery! I didn't realize this blog and those pieces I always admire at the artist exchange were connected. I have to let you know, I pass those vessels in that window a couple times a week and they always make me smile. Great work.

  2. I know how happy it makes you (and everyone around you) to have a successful all looks fantastic.

    Kisses :)