Saturday, July 14, 2007

get off the wheel!

My greatest creative passion in life is throwing on the wheel. For me it’s fun, it’s easy, and I can make stuff quickly, which suits my impatient and snappy nature. When I arrived in Japan, the first thing I did was start throwing on the wheel, but I wasn’t making anything that excited me. So I threw a bunch of the local porcelain, the shortest porcelain I’ve ever thrown. But I conquered it after a few hours and didn’t know what to do after that. I’m obsessed with nesting bowls and I’ve always wanted to find the time to do a nesting set of 18, so I figured I would work on that. Did that… bored with myself again. Then I thought I would assign myself a task; no more throwing for a week, only handbuilding. I have never gotten into handbuilding. The last time I handbuilt anything was back when I first took a pottery class and had to take the handbuilding before I took the throwing class. I barely scraped by with a “C”. And I handbuilt the leaf platter but that was a nightmare for me.

So, I rolled some slabs on Ryoji’s electric slab roller; so great cause I can drink coffee while my slabs roll out. I made an awful box, but I had fun. Then I made a few lily pads, kind of falling back into old habits, but at least they were not thrown. Then I made this vase you see here, and I think I love it. And I think I love handbuilding too!


  1. This piece is beautiful whitney! it's different than your usual style (as pictured in your blog) both in shape and design. The 18 nested bowls sounds amazing. i hope you'll post a picture of them some day.

  2. Hi! I have recently found your blog...and as a temporarily sidelined potter, I am living vicariously through you, (hope you don't mind!) Having never given myself the time to conquer the wheel, (although I yearn to learn), everything I have ever made has been handbuilt, so, glad to see that there are two sides to every coin! And your piece is is everything I have seen thus far. I am so grateful to you for sharing your journey in the world of clay and beyond with us! Thank you. ~Amy Giles