Thursday, July 10, 2008

we'll let the pictures do the talking

Where have I been? I have been locked up in the studio, preparing for my favorite retail show of the year, the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival. You know how I complain about my wholesale shows? Well, the Palo Alto Festival is, like, the opposite side of the spectrum. I've been doing this show for 10 years, and I have a solid fan base there of people who wait all year to see me, check out my new stuff, and then buy it all. Plus, I get to see all of my pottery and glass pals, and Saturday night we have a huge party and get loaded. Hey, it's fun! AAAAANNNDD one of my partners in crime from Japan last summer, Nick, is driving in to be my booth slave during the show. These are all pots that have come out of the kiln in the past 2 days, and this a lot of this collection is about my new obsession, bell jars. I have one more load coming out tomorrow, I hope to have time to shoot them and post later. Palo Alto is one of the places where I debut new work and ideas, so let's just let the pictures do the talking. :

Hello, am I not the cutest goddamn thing? (That's the bell jar above talking)


  1. Yes, little bell jar, you are more than cute; you are adorable!

  2. They're all beautiful. Hope you have a great show!

  3. hey whitney...I have been reading your blog and love it as much as I love your work...I am a glass bead whore (need I say more?) and a pottery lover/collector! If I didn't have my hands in a flame working molten glass they would be in mud! Your new work looks great...much success & happiness at your retail show! Wish I could be there! I am stalking your Etsy site for a 6" tomato red dogwood dessert plate...I am crazy about dogwoods...check out my site and see I how craft them in glass!

  4. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Aaagh, so cute!

  5. that one resembling an apple? with the bird on it?Yeah, I reaalllllllllllllyyyyy like that.


    nice work!

    These are beautiful. So delicate and so fresh.

  7. Absolutely outstanding! You don't need luck. You have great talents.

    Have a wonderful time.

    michele d.

  8. You certainly are little bell jar, you certainly are!

    Actually, they all are, they're gorgeous!

    Well done and I hope that the Festival goes well.

  9. Hi Whitney, I'm salivating while looking at your work. Love love them bell jars!

  10. oh, whitney, these are exquisite.

  11. I think I may want to eat some of these....
    They look faboo Whitney!

  12. Hi, Whitney! Not sure if you know me or not, but I am a fan of your work and your blog, (i have learned a lot from you about business, yes, seriously!) and the new work is absolutely breathtaking!

    I have a new blog and was given a brilliant blog award by a friend. I in turn had to nominate others, and even tho I am entirely unsure how you will feel about it, I nominate you because, well, I think you have a brilliant blog! So come check me out, learn the rules, and pass it on! I figure we work-alone artist types need all the props and support we can get! I know I do!

    Thanks for playin'! Thanks even more for inspiring me!


  13. Susun Su10:54 PM

    Oh Whitney! I love your new creations - especially the white vessels with the crinkly top edge.

  14. maggie5:49 AM

    These are all fantastic! You have to love it when the time & focus just plain pays off - nice work!

  15. OMG!!!!!
    Love love love!!!!

  16. Anonymous2:25 PM

    OMG, fantastic. Add the apple shaped jars to etsy soon please!

  17. And here is little Miss Apple Jar on etsy!

  18. Anonymous8:26 PM

    ok, but can't i have one with something evil crouching on it?

    xo, t.

  19. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I'm really liking that semi matt green glaze on that particular pot. Its got a nice organic feel and very 'arts and crafts' looking.
    Have a great time at your show :)

  20. Anonymous10:07 AM

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