Monday, August 04, 2008

yes, i'm brilliant

When I said I was taking a vacation, I meant it. I actually went away without taking my computer with me for four whole days. I did sneak my computer up to Lake Tahoe with me while we were visiting Josie, which made me feel slightly ridiculous. I only got teased a little bit.

First things first. Amy Rehnae nominated me for a Brilliant Blog Award. Thank you Amy! With these blog awards you are supposed to pass them on by nominating others, and in this case seven blogs. I guess as a blog writer I should also be a blog reader, but I'm not. I pop in and read my friend's blogs because that's how I keep up with some of them. Every once in a while I'll follow a link a friend sent and find something hilarious. And when Project Runway is on and I'm waiting for the water to boil for my endless cups of coffee, I'll read these guys. I know I probably will not be sent to Blog Internment Camp for not following the rules of this award, but I definitely want to acknowledge it, because I really love writing this blog, and it makes me very happy to know people actually read it.

Back to my vacation now...


  1. I know what you mean about reading blogs. I feel like I should do it more because I do, after all, write one myself, but it is soooooo time consuming!
    But I always read yours because you make it worth it.

  2. Terrill2:18 AM

    Aw!!!!!!!xoxxo! Thanks for the link. I was thinking of posting to my blog last night (something I do more than actually posting), and wondered if it really breaks down to reading or posting. Sort of a ying yang thing?