Thursday, September 11, 2008

open studio this weekend

Look at me, all busy, working. No, not really. I haven't been working steadily in the studio for 6 weeks, but vacation is over! It's time to get back to work! Now! I'm mean it young lady, you need to make some money!

I'm having an Open Studio this weekend so I can empty out the studio and get to work on new stuff. That does not mean I won't have new work at this sale, 'cause I will. I have my new bell jar pieces, some one-of-a-kind platters, and a few of my new lotus flower necklaces. I haven't had these necklaces photographed yet, but they are amazing, 3-d, hand built beauties. My friend, Leah Rivers, will also be there selling her jewelry.

Here are the details:
Open Studio, Saturday, September 13
11 am to 5 pm
539 Athol Ave Oakland, CA 94606

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Whitney. For those who can't make it to your studio sale today, I'm wondering if you'll extend the sale to us by adding what's left to the sale section of Etsy? In hopes.

  2. Absolutely! And is there is something in particular you're trolling for, let me know because I don't post everything to etsy, not enough hours in the day for that...

  3. Whitney-

    The bowl you are working on in the photo looks beautiful!

  4. Man, wish I lived close enough to head over to the sale! I am planning my first open studio for Nov. 8 with another ceramic artist friend. I have no idea what will happen. We may end up spiking the coffe while we try to sell stuff to our mothers. who knows. it's all a learning curve, right??