Thursday, January 29, 2009

remarkably calm

January has been interesting. Last month, I hired someone to take my precious Sara's place since she is in grad school right now and does not work for me anymore. I was pretty excited about this person. Then, this person totally flaked, never showed up for the first day, did not call, did not respond to my email. I still think it's possible that this person may be dead. I can't think of any other reason why you would not show up to work with me.

Back in the old days (four years ago), January was a month to do absolutely nothing. Work in the studio a little bit, but mostly just relax and recharge. This is no longer the case. I'm shipping out work twice a week because of etsy sales, and also getting ready for the Philadelphia Buyer's Market, my one trade show of the year that starts February 13. And with the way I am, I can't really focus on Philly until Christmas is totally over. Which basically gives me 5 weeks to come up with the stuff I'm going to add to my collection, make the samples, photograph, re-design the wholesale website, design the catalog, and pack up the whole kaboodle and ship out. I love it. No really, I do. It stimulates every little node on my brain, and as long as I have a gigantic cup of coffee in the morning to rocket me out the door, I'm all good.

So when this person flaked, at first I was sad, then confused, and finally super pissed. I got down to work, by myself, and started thinking. I thought, "Well, maybe it's a sign I need to work alone again. Maybe the economy really is going to completely tank and I'll have no orders anyway. Yeah, I can do all this!" 100 cake stands later, I called up two other people I interviewed before hiring the other person and hired both of them.

And finally, my horoscope this week, which just made me laugh:

Leo July 23-August 22

Yes, it is a lot of hard work — but you knew that going into the current situation. So embrace this moment, appreciate what it feels like to be thoroughly engaged, and then, be grateful for the opportunity.


  1. If you're anything like my Leo husband, you thrive on this even if it does drive you bonkers. I have no doubt that all will be perfect in the end.

  2. What is it with those we "hire" in good faith!? Sometimes I think because of a fun, casual (compared to a normal corporate setting), comfortable, creative atmosphere, professionalism goes out the window. This type of behavior (the no-show assistant) gives credit to the horrible tag "flaky artist type!" arrrggh. Your new assistants will be even better :o)

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    "I, like, totally blew you off so I figured I was fired..."

  4. Rachel9:42 PM

    Have been reading your blog forever. Been drooling over your GORGEOUS art pieces just as long. If I wasn't married and not a mother and lived closer than Santa Cruz, I'd apply to be your assistant in a heartbeat.
    Good luck with your new assistants.

  5. I love love love the pic of the lotus bowl..

  6. This is part of the reason I am so hesitant to "grow" my business, besides, If I work 16 hour days and slam red bull, I don't need any one else!

  7. Good luck with the show!

  8. Heather, I would never take your 16 hour days or your red bull away from you... no way... uh uh...

  9. Well, if you ever relocate to New Orleans, you've got an eager assistant ready and waiting.

    michele d.

  10. That's weird that the person would not show up or even email??? I wonder if something did happen...

    But, congratulations on hiring two people to help!! I like your positivity.