Monday, April 20, 2009

insane beauty

Yup, that's me. (an ad for Philadelphia Craft Market that's ben making it to some print magazines. Click to read the little blurb)


  1. sorry...but isn't this the same piece that was just poached (copied)?? Was this ad done so "you could tell your story" about what happened?

  2. Now that's got to feel good!
    Picked up this quote from Design Sponge's recent Biz Gal article:

    "And don’t spend time worrying about the competition or the potential of people knocking you off. There’s nothing like a true “original” so stay true to your ideas or designs and stay focused. Most people who are knocking others off don’t have their own ideas so it will be short lived and “what comes around goes around”. Believe me, I know how hard it is to swallow when someone says “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”. Yeah, that’s easier said than done when a former employee promises not to carry the same merchandise or open a retail establishment in the same zip code and does anyway….Oh well. The cream always rises to the top and people are pretty wise about imitations… Your fans, friends and loyal customers will actually fierce fully support you so stay on task- it’s wasted energy. And all of the energy it takes to combat the others is better spent on your own goods."
    Loyalty to your work will prevail! Congrats and best wishes for the show- Heather

  3. Hi Cindy,
    It's an ad for Philadelphia Craft Market. The fact that they used the sprout is just a coincidence. Click to read honey and all will be clear.

    And Heather, thanks for posting that quote, I'll be passing it on to a few friends of mine who are also feeling the burn of rip offs!

  4. you go girl! Congrats and much success to you Whitney!

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  6. Ooh, how lovely that out of all the artists who will be showing work at the craft market they chose you for their advert! Congratulations!