Tuesday, March 20, 2012

writing a newsletter that doesn't suck

While I've been ignoring my own blog, I have been doing lots of other writing, including this guest post for Flashissue about writing a newsletter that doesn't suck.  Since I was writing the post for another blog, and not my own, I had to come up with a title that didn't include "suck" and just kind of clean up the language in general. Go check it out and leave any comments you have about writing newsletters over there.  If I get inspired, I may write some more about newsletters.  I've been working on improving mine, and after doing it for about 5 years now, I think I'm getting better at it.  I don't know why I have such a weird block with newsletters.   I can be really personal on my blog, but I have this idea that people expect me to be more "professional" with a newsletter.  I had that same idea when I first started this blog too, but then no one read it because it was so boring.  When I gave up on presenting a professional facade,  things went more easily and I actually wrote about things that mattered to  me, and stopped worrying that potential customers would run for the hills because I'm a snarky bitch sometimes.

Anyway, I am writing a long diatribe about cake stands right now that I'm trying to cut down to three paragraphs, so stay tuned later this week. And by the way, since my newsletters have vastly improved lately, why don't you go sign up for the next one right here? Happy first day of spring!


  1. Newsletter writing always is difficult because in many cases you're 'sending it out' rather than having people opt-in to reading it like on a blog. That could be part of it. I've always had greater difficulty with stuff I am sending out to people rather than places where people opt-in to reading. One way of tackling it might be to write in a way that's easy for you to get content down on the 'paper' and then edit to suit the forum/audience. Good luck :)

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