Friday, August 10, 2007

back to work...

I’ve been waking up at night with absolutely no idea where I am: Japan? Hawaii? Nope, home. Home sweet home. I dove right back into my studio, doing a little remodel to make more room for production. Good-bye gallery space! Today I drove 45 minutes to Menlo Park to score a free Bailey slab roller I found on craigslist. I love Craig. Remember how I hated hand building? I love hand building now too.


  1. Welcome back Whitney!

  2. Just found your blog, love it. am a potter myself, in LA. I never liked handbuilding either, until just recently and I'm hooked...really enjoy it. I haven't thrown in about 3 months up until the other day and boy was I rusty. You trip to Japan sounded wonderful. And I always love the North Shore for some R&R. Welcome back.

  3. Welcome home! Can't wait to see more studio photos and handbuilt goodies! You go girl with the freebie slab roller! That rocks! Would love to see photos of it and be sure and let us know how it works!