Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the universe listens

I’m feeling slightly perkier today; the kiln problem was finally fixed without having to call in the kiln doctor for a house call, and I’m leaving for Atlanta tomorrow morning with my husband for a big all-out, no-holds-barred, over-the-top wedding. Naturally this required a new dress, which always makes me happy. And I made something new today:

I know lots of people have this same thing happen to them: When you are open to a new experience, somehow that experience is delivered to you. I had my new slabroller set up for exactly 24 hours when someone walked through the door and asked me to make a ceramic house. 6 Months ago I would have said “no”, because I don’t handbuild work. But now I can say “yes” and bam, an order for a ceramic house. It’s very strange how this works and it happens to me all the time.

By the way, Universe, if you are listening, I’m ready for another gigantic order now. Five-figures, please!


  1. Hi Whitney, That little house is adorable. I read your posts from and about Japan with great interest (I lived there for on and off for seven years as a reporter). It sounds like you had a great time. My husband just got back from two weeks in Japan where he shot the trailer for a new film. He, too, often talks about missing Japan!

    Have fun at the wedding.

  2. I agree, this little house is great!
    And I have too tell you, same thing happens to me quite often! As soon as I decide to try out something new (new animals, new flower patterns etc), someone contacts me and asks for special item - same as I have been contemplating :). It has happened several times. It also happens when I need orders;)
    Maybe you are ready for 5 figure order because someone is thinking about it and it will soon happen?!
    I wish you best of luck and I`m sure, next time I check your blog you got it!

  3. It's all about the power of positive thought. Send it boldly into the universe, and it will come back to you.
    The house is great. I especially like the little window box on the side. Will you glaze it? Where is it going to live?

  4. The house looks great Whit. I can't wait to see it glazed!! Glad the kiln finally started working too. Was this all happening last week? Something was amiss last week for so many of my friends...Threatened evictions, cops, DUIs, broken hearts, and even a death. I'm afraid to leave my house anymore!

    Talk to you soon :)