Monday, October 29, 2007

christa assad @ the de young museum

Christa is in town at the moment because one of her collectors, Sandy Besser, is making a gift of his extensive art collection to the de Young Museum in San Francisco. So one of Christa’s iron teapots is going to be in the de Young! Christa is my very favorite potter, such an amazing talent, so she deserves it. Christa moved away from San Francisco last spring to teach at the Kansas City Art Institute… we miss her so much. I miss her so much!

The teapot that will be donated to the de Young is, of course, beautiful. But I think I have the best Christa iron teapot in the world.Don't you agree?


  1. jtclay5:58 PM

    this is awesome Whitney, I'm heading to the de Young this weekend & will definitely check them out. thanks for the heads up!

    also, it's been lovely seeing you explore new directions in your work...very exciting

  2. I completely agree... very nice!

  3. Good seeing you I had such a good time there. I've linked you to my blog if thats ok

  4. Yeah! I've had tea out of that pot and it is amazing. Firstly it holds alot of tea! Yet it is easy to lift. It's gorgeous. I need one!!!
    Also I love the video That's a very sexy thing to watch

  5. This is one great teapot.
    (ps - there are worse things to be obsessed with than clay - dontcha know!)