Friday, October 26, 2007

if throwing were a superpower...

I’d be freakin’ Wonder Woman!

I’ve been dying to use blogger’s new video feature. I have a bunch of video from Japan but it’s mostly drunken, goofy, and amusing only to those who were present. Then today, as I was banging out plates that will become cake stands for Miette, I suddenly realized throwing on the wheel is the perfect video subject for my blog.

I did it on my digital camera and I’ve never edited video in my life—until today that is—so if the quality is hurting some people’s eyes, well, sorry. Also, my college radio station is blasting in the background, so you might want to turn down your volume. I'm going to try again and learn to do it better, but I was so excited to get this up today that it just is what it is. Uploading the video through blogger is proven to be more difficult. So I gave up and uploaded it to youtube—another first.

Production throwing can be boring, the same form over and over. It’s easy to get sloppy. I always try to make it a challenge for myself. I time myself to see how fast I can do it, and I attempt to make each piece perfect. I used to laugh when people would say, “Throwing seems so meditative!” Potters must hear that 500 times a year. But now that I have actually taken up meditation—the sitting down, hands on knees, eyes closed kind—I realize that throwing is meditative. Whatever thought I was pursuing in my head fades out as the wheel starts up. And then when I finish the piece, my thoughts tune back in.Watching someone throw is a mesmerizing activity. I never get bored with it—the watching or the doing!


  1. I love watching people throw -- thanks for posting that!

  2. I Freaking LOVE that wood altar. It's exquisite. And the kokeshi dolls are amazing too. See, I'm not just a blogstalker. I'll speak up now and then. Great having you in class. See you soon I hope. Let's talk blarfblog soon.

  3. Meredith9:12 AM

    WOW! I didn't really know what production throwing meant until I saw your video. I'm amazed at your level of skill and so impressed!

  4. thanks for sharing. that was so cool to see.

  5. Is that Acid Mothers Temple playing in the background?
    I love how the calipers come out to end the shot-awesome!

  6. Not sure who is playing the music-- I just listen to whatever those crazy college kids play.

  7. wait no splash pan! you rock dry lady! thanks for posting this, much skill, much love! Linda