Monday, March 31, 2008

more shameless self-promotion

Check me out on Etsy, I'm the featured seller and they wrote up a little interview too!


  1. congrats on being the featured seller!

  2. great interview- your work is sooo beautiful and naturey
    I love it!

  3. Hi!
    Well i'm so glad that they did feature you because i've never come across your Etsy shop before, I have no idea why! I just wanted to say that I think your creations are very beautiful and wonderful! I read your description about the pomegranate vase and I agree, I would fall in love with that vase too! The shape with the little spikes at the top is lovely and the glaze looks fantastic as far as I can see on this rubbishy old pc I'm using at the moment... Well I know where to send people when they start asking what birthday present I'd like!!!

    oh and I like the previous person's comment, "naturey"! Very fitting!

    have fun with your pottery!
    Joey :D

  4. OH sorry about the glaze I meant that i'd like to see it for real because it's so difficult to make out textures from a photo...

    Read what I wrote b4 and it looked rude!!! ;)


  5. Your work is simply lovely, your wholesale advice divine.
    (a new wholesaler determined not to get burned out)

  6. I really enjoyed the interview and love your beautiful work.